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The Fast Life, Page 2

posted 8th Dec 2014, 11:00 PM

The Fast Life, Page 2
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8th Dec 2014, 11:00 PM

Martin F.

You see why we've been talking up how busy this page is?

Yeah, this one was a weird page to do, and even scripting it kind of took a little effort. Those last two panels on the previous page, by the way? Those were pretty much a last minute addition to explain something coming up later on this particular storyline. Forgot to mention that on that one.

Ton of cameos here, I'll let Adam talk about that, but the big ones are our Ash and Emily lookalikes there. They'll be sort of the viewpoint characters for this particular leg of the plot which involves, like the cover said, sexism and the NBA. Yeah, like I said there, that totally wasn't just some random side detail, and we will be cutting back to this here and there as the chapter goes on.

That does raise the question though of how that first page relates to this, doesn't it? Keep reading to find out, though it'll be a little bit before you get an answer.

Also, that logo, that was totally improvised. The blank screen didn't look quite right and I wanted some kind of symbol there so I played around with it a bit and that's what I came up with. Think it makes for a pretty striking image, hopefully readers agree.

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8th Dec 2014, 11:11 PM

Adam C.

Heh.. I'm doing some pictures with Martin for his birthday, so big distracted. Still, yeah, this page was a massive pain.

This is kinda what led to our thoughts in Blues for making all the extras cameos but less-obvious ones, because some of the cameos here are too close and end up really distracting. Most notably Anne from The Wotch in the second panel. You can kinda tell I was really, really reaching for characters to cameo here because a lot of them were weird. The first panel is a lot of nobodies, but after that....

Yeah, in the second panel we got Tedd on the right of Not-Ash, one of the Misfile angels and Ace from EC in the row behind them.... These are all characters from comics in some way involving TG, so makes sense. In the row in front of them is Tenchi Masaki, one weird blend of two characters me and Martin mess with a lot, and two nobodies....

In the third panel... God, that's where we get REALLY random. Sean Bean, Jasmine from Pokemon, Jake Norville from the Cinema Snob videos, Erroll Flynn.... I also put in Bill Burr, Nyamo-Sensei, the jock from the Breakfast Club, and... SOmeone else, don't remember. Still, like I said, those three were really distracting so I'm kinda glad they got covered.

Though it doesn't work so well to leave them out, since they're honestly the kind of people who'd show up at a baseball game or have known interests in sports. Hell, I included Burr because he has a really funny stand-up bit about violence breaking out at a basketball game, coupled with a lot of anti-feminist stand-up material, making him totally fitting for the page.

But yeah, kinda wish I'd thought of that logo myself, as it just came out great. I did work hard on that first panel's view of the court... Yeah, this page was hard all around, hope folks enjoy.

Favorite part is ultimately Jake eating nachos in spite of the PA comment. "Well, this sounds like a whole lot of nonna my business."

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user comments

8th Dec 2014, 11:21 PM


Amazing page guys, looking forward to finding out what's going on here.

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7th Feb 2015, 1:57 PM


Impressive row of cameos for an impressive game :)

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