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The Fast Life, Page 23

posted 4th May 2015, 11:00 PM

The Fast Life, Page 23
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4th May 2015, 11:00 PM

Martin F.

I really wish I could've found some way to do Brick's little speech there in a different way or preferably, to not have to actually show it. It's important it comes out, but it's not so much important to BP specifically outside of as it relates to Brick dodging the spotlight and hightailing it.

At least tied it around to the Patriot Initiative, something. Speaking of, these guys! Yeah, Atlanta and one of the other two who've previously appeared in WaR have been redesigned a little to look a bit more in line with their characters - Atlanta's been given a more jockish sort of look, while the other guy, the one with the stubble, was made to look a bit more rowdy and dangerous by adding said stubble and messing his hair up a little. We got their names earlier, though didn't say which is which, but that one specifically is Leith Paxton.

Other generals... We'll get some introductions to some of them before the chapter's out, but not the whole group. I'll go ahead and say which one's which, though -

Woman - Stephanie Brisco
Black guy - Jim Fulton
Big guy - Calvin Knight
Flashy guy - Jake Cassidy

We'll get better looks at them coming up.

If you read WaR or check our DA page, then you probably know to expect the art style to change a bit soon - that'll happen a couple of pages from now specifically. We've started thinning out the lines in post, which isn't a huge things but does make things look a lot cleaner I think.

How does Atlanta flying around gel with the idea of Marvelous Man over in Blues being the first public superhero capable of flight? Stay tuned, we actually do explain that.

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5th May 2015, 12:43 AM

Adam C.

.... Oh, yeah, need to comment. ^^ Eheh... Feel bad I don't have jack to say on this one.

A lot of what made this particular page good works because of the coloring, in particular I really love Misty's cloaked form in the penultimate panel. I did try and make Mr. Atlanta look visibly different from Marvelous Man just out of the fear they might be seen as too similar. His hair is more wild and his expression a bit more unhinged, making him sort of more interesting than Marvelous Man who was designed to sort of be weirdly boring and cookie-cutter. His gauntlets were really last-minute on the costume but really love how they came out.

Paxton, the PI member with the stubble and rowdy hair ironically didn't have either of those until this page. To make him a bit more distinct, while working on the lineart for the page Martin asked me to make him a bit more unkempt. Just gave it a little touch but it went a long way to make him look good. Oddly made him look kinda like Dennis Leary. ^^ We'll see more of that next week.

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5th May 2015, 12:54 AM


Well this is certainly an interesting page, looking forward to seeing what happens next and how you explain that.

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